Monday, October 21, 2013

Let's Chill & Just You + Me Monday

Happy Monday!!! Hope your weekend was super awesome! Arielle here with a card I made last week but hadn't the time to share with you... I used Chill Out and also the mini set, Holiday Sparkles.

Barb here with a sweet Christmas scene to share...feline style! I used Toy Land, Sittin' Pretty and Tag Alongs to create the scene. The little bench is from Christmas Express, October's freebie set.

Hey Everyone! Ali here with a quick tip for you.. How to tie the perfect bow every time :) It's such a simple and easy video.. but one worth watching.. HUGS

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Sandy said...

LOVE the video. I can never get both ends to hang at the bottom, so I'll be practicing this way like crazy. Thank you

cm said...

Such delightful cards; love those images!! And the video: THANK YOU! I'm bow-challenged and avoid making them, but you may have turned a new page for me to try once again! Wonderful!

Katy said...

Great cards and a great video! I am going to practice that myself! :)