Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Let it snowglobe :)

Hey everyone! Ali here.. Thank you so much for the well wishes.. I am recovering slowly, but am doing it one day at a time. I have some movies we previously recorded before my surgery. I wanted to share with you :) Here is a video creation that Libby made. I know you will be inspired.. I was :) I hope you are having so much fun this December. I will chat with you soon.. HUGS

Hi everyone!  It's Jen here with you on a snowy morning where I live!  I decided to continue making Valentine's Day cards by using the hearts from True Colors and a sentiment from Mad Gab to make this!

Hi! It's Christine with a card using Seek Him and a German sentiment, created with Gabfest. "Stille Nacht" means "Silent Night".

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