Sunday, March 16, 2014

Flying by to say hi

Welcome to another how-to video with Vicky
Today I made a simple looking card combining three lovely TAWS stamp sets.
I used my copic colors, added lot's of faux-stitching and  a lot of dimension using foam squares at the back. You can enjoy the video below


Thank you all for joining us today! Have a great Sunday :)
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Shannon J said...

SUCH a sweet card! Love the mix of different images!

Donna C. said...

When I click on your product links, they all say "Not Found".

Heidi May said...

Love the colors and way that you just brought in small amounts of the pictures (stamps) to the card. Thanks for sharing.

Kelly Flaherty said...

This is a terrific card. I love the movement of the card and the suggestion of endless sky. Wow, this was a really cool idea.