Saturday, September 13, 2014

Lava Your Smile

Hello, friends! How are you? Anna is here with you today and I want to share with you my new card. last time I begin to love wood textures, so I decided to make this card. I love the heart silhouette, it perfectly combines with sentiment! I used Spotted, Love Knots and Prehistoric sets.

Hi! Chrissie here. For this card, I decided to go all Distress-y.  Once I was done coloring in the image and the sentiment was stamped (I used Livin' Fossil and Prehistoric), I grabbed some Distress Ink and painted, stamped and the crumbled and ripped up the paper.  Do you like the result? I figured Dinos = Old = Distressing.  :)

Hello!  It's Tracy here with a simple and bright birthday card.  I used the freebie Rock Solid and Livin' Fossils.

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Lisa said...

These are ALL delightful, gave me a smile!