Sunday, July 19, 2015

July Guest Designers!

We're back with our two awesome guests, Kymona and Martha! We are so happy to have them join us as Guest Designers this month!

First up, Martha with an awesome card using Phraseology and Petal Pushers! This is so clever!

Next up, she used Petal Pushers in a completely different way! This is awesome, huh? 

Kymona has three simply fantastic creations to share with us, too! She used Kid N Caboodle and Making Holidays Bright!

Thank you so much - we enjoyed your creativity this month, Martha and Kymona!

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1 comment:

Taunya Butler said...

Your Guest Designers have done you proud!!! Martha's cards are clever and super well done and she used colors in fun ways!!So cool the way she used the same set and got a unique look to each card!!! And Kymona - well she really shined for you - That ray of sunshine card really made me smile and I love the bright, happy colors of it!! Her clear card is so fun and what a cute way to give a gift card!!! And lastly - the message and feel of her final card is sweet and made my heart feel glad!! Wonderfully done ladies!!!